How to cook a BBQ

Ideal Party  BBQ Grill

The barbecues are one of the longstanding traditions of the summer season. Getting together with friends and family to relax outdoors and enjoy freshly grilled food delicious cold drinks, somewhere just below Paradise. To make the most of your barbecue entertaining, learn the basics of barbecue and grilling how to tie everything together is the key.

Basic Grill

Before you can start hosting barbecues, you need a grill. BBQs are available in versions that require propane gas to burn, charcoal and the use of charcoal briquettes as a source of heat. Gas grills are faster than you do not need to wait for the charcoal to burn, but many people swear that the gas grilled food does not taste as “authentic” than food cooked on a charcoal grill. Of course, some fans even debate calling BBQ real, as is traditionally barbecue food is cooked slowly in a pit and never grilled at all. Whatever your situation grill, the basic facts remain the same. Call it a grill or a barbecue, in both cases it is good food. Never before grilling, you’ll need to “season” your grill leaving burn at a medium temperature for about three hours. Doing so would remove all the impurities in the metal or paint which includes the grid.

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How to start your BBQ

To buy your BBQ

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