Mauritius Diving With Nemo Club

Mauritius Diving

Mauritius regulations require that visitors dive accompanied by an instructor and escorted by a boat. All centers are managed by CMAS or PADI international diving instructors who can give courses from beginners up to experts and additionally organise snorkeling excursions.

Part 1

The West Coast offers:

An impressive underwater cave known as “Cathedrale” which starts as an underwater cliff just close to Flic en Flac and offers a spectacular beauty due to the topography of the place (caves, arches and cavities). The cave is populated by a variety of fish and various crustaceans.

Another site close to Flic en Flac is Rempart Serpent; this site has a large concentration of several species of morays, Lionfish, stone fishes. An excellent place to observe dolphins is near Tamarin Bay in the southwest, where a large group of dolphins can be found.

Part 2

a Bientot
Bertrand Munier

Ideal Party by Bertrand Munier

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