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Get the caterers in. Whether you choose to use professional help for one course or all, there is no shame in this; people will certainly not think less of you for providing them with delicious canapés and restaurant-style meals. It may cost that little bit extra, but sometimes, when you balance that out against time spent cooking and clearing up afterwards, it really is worth it. Once again, the caterers you choose depend on what kind of evening you are going for.

Bertrand Munier is definitely an address I am glad to have, and which has helped me out on a number of occasions. He provides absolutely delicious food from the freshest local ingredients without additives or preservatives at good prices, be it for a private dinner for friends, a larger family gathering or even a business lunch. Munier’s “Ideal Party” service will make wonderful canapés selections for up to 300 guests and even a three course meal for a little as 6 or as many as 115 people.

From 3 course meals to buffets and canapes, Munier’s creations are beautiful and delicious

And if you want to cheat a bit, you could even get the meals pre-prepared and delivered to your door ready to be heated up and layed out by you and nobody would be any the wiser(minimum London delivery is £95)…

Bertrand Munier

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