Dinner party delivery, Enjoy Your Party

No time to cook ? why not to order a nice dinner on delivery!!

Dinner party have all been designed for you by Bertrand Munier to suit every taste. Most of dishes are easy to eat or easy to heat so you can enjoy your Party with less stress. We only use the freshest local ingredients with no additives or preservatives for our freshly prepared dishes.

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Dinner For 6 People

Green bean Salad with Parma ham and Lime cream sauce  £15.00 X 1
Tomato & Mozzarella Salad £17.00 X 1
main courses
Organic Chicken with rosemary and Lemon sauce  £6.50 X 6
Petit Pois & Carrots a la Francaise £3.90 X 4
Potatoes sautés £2.50 X 6
Braised chicory with orange juicy £3.80 X 4
Lemon Tarte £18.00 X 1 (6 portion)
Total : £134.80    free delivery !!!

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